INFOCOM New Delhi 2017


Flagship Event
INFOCOM New Delhi 2017


INFOCOM, an initiative from the house of ABP was started in 2002 as a forum that would demonstrate India’s quest to be the IT superpower. Today it has turned into a forceful and dynamic event that sets the pace for business development through the use of technology, bringing potential partners together and helping the industry connect with associates and customers. INFOCOM is now one of the largest congregations of technology professionals, buyers-sellers, corporate leaders, academics, visionaries, and policymakers in India.

Over the last 15 editions of the event, INFOCOM has evolved to be an important platform that focuses on the convergence of Business, Technology and Leadership elements that are essential for driving India to the next phase of growth.

INFOCOM, the annual event in Calcutta comprises a three-day Conference and brings together the best global minds in Technology, Business Strategy & functions and Leadership. However, in our endeavour to reach out to varied audiences across the globe, INFOCOM also provides various platforms in the form of Roundtables, Forums, Awards, Workshops and others across the years and across various locations within India and beyond.

Now in it’s 16th year, INFOCOM is most delighted to announce the third edition of INFOCOM 2017 – NEW DELHI chapter. There will be a one-day business-technology-leadership conference between July 14, 2017 at The Lalit. The theme for INFOCOM 2017 will be “The Digital Transformation”.


Today organizations are powering through the complex maze of changing modes of business transactions and change in consumer behaviour; organizations are coping with these changes through adoption of digitized means, through letting digitization transform their processes and making it more efficient and at par with the current trends. With the rise in popularity and usage of analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices, the digital transformation journey is underway for many organizations.

There is a surge of digital reinvention across companies pan India. With the phenomenon of demonitisation and cashless economy, the Government and corporates are moving towards new avenues, thus disruptively transforming themselves. The Government is taking measures to promote digitized transactions and enabling individuals to embrace the digital sphere in its totality. This digital disruption is thus an opportunity for companies to reimagine their processes and offerings.

The Digital Transformation story in the Eastern part of the world is still in the making, with vast majority of the population now thriving in the digital sphere and embracing new modes of digitized functioning. Eastern part of the world is moving ahead in leaps and bounds when it comes to digitizing processes. With startups focusing on the digital age and coming up with digital solutions to needs and demands and existing companies taking the plunge to reengineer processes, even individuals have adapted to the digital way of life, with increase in cashless transactions, online transactions and digital investments. Thus keeping the current trend in mind we have chosen the theme- ‘The Digital Transformation', for the 16th edition of INFOCOM.


  • Keynote addresses, Plenary sessions, Panel discussions and Focus Forums centered around the theme: THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION
  • Focus Areas of the Conference:

    • Digital Infrastructure
    • Triple Play Service
    • Reimagining India in 2025
    • Digital Transformation in Tourism
    • Entrepreneurship : From Idea to IPO
    • Making Digital Strategy a reality
  • Special Spotlight Sessions
  • Central/ State Ministers’ Interactive Sessions
  • Over 300 delegates from large corporates, SMEs, policymakers, academia and media
  • Over 20 speakers from amongst well-known industry leaders, ICT experts and gurus, top corporates, think tanks, entrepreneurs, government officials and academia
  • Attended by top executives & decision makers of IT and user industry as well as bureaucrats and the academic community
  • A variety of unique networking events including Peer-to-Peer Groups, Networking Lunch and Dinner.


  • Business strategists, IT and ITES professional: CIOs, CFOs, CTOs and key decision makers in any organization
  • Business executives: marketing professionals and those who influence the implementation of enterprise strategies
  • Senior central and state government officials
  • Analysts and consultants: marketing and financial analysts, strategy & technology analysts
  • Venture capitalists/fund managers/investment bankers
  • IT Consultants and Solution Specialists
  • Industry Influencers: IT trade and business media
  • Academia


July 14, 2017

09:00 hrs – 10:00 hrs Registration and Tea / Coffee 
Inaugural Ceremony Venue: The Lalit, New Delhi
10:00 hrs – 10:05 hrs

Lamp lighting

10:05 hrs – 10:10 hrs

Welcome Address

10:10 hrs – 10:45 hrs

Address by Guests of Honour

10:45 hrs – 11:00 hrs

Address by CHIEF GUEST

Conference Sessions
A1 11:00 hrs – 11:30 hrs

Digital Infrastructure as Utility to Every Citizen

A2 11:30 hrs - 12:00 hrs

Internet of Everything” to Aid the Next Wave of Industry 4.0

A3 12:00 hrs - 13:00 hrs

Panel Discussion: Delivering TRIPLE PLAY to the Citizens of India

A4 13:00 hrs – 13:30 hrs

Madhya Pradesh – Taking the Long View

13:30 hrs – 14:30 hrs

Networking Lunch

A5 14:30 hrs – 15:00 hrs

Empowering SMEs for 2025

A6 15:00 hrs – 15:45 hrs

Enhancing Credit Worthiness of SMEs

A7 15:45 hrs – 16:30 hrs

Entrepreneurship Simplified - From Idea to IPO

16:30 hrs – 17:00 hrs

Tea & Coffee

A8 17:00 hrs – 17:15 hrs

Introducing INFOCOM Future Leadership Awards 2017 - A Presentation by Mevero

A9 17:15 hrs – 19:00 hrs

Technology Panel: Strategy in an Era of Digital Business

A10 19:00 hrs – 19:30 hrs

Valedictory Session

19:30 hrs onwards

Networking over Cocktails and Dinner


Star Speakers