INFOCOM - The Telegraph Advantage Odisha 2018


State Level Initiative
INFOCOM - The Telegraph Advantage Odisha 2018


INFOCOM along with The Telegraph, East India’s No. 1 English Newspaper is proud to bring forth ADVANTAGE ODISHA 2018, the fourth edition of the event. This event is an initiative to bring together all stakeholders to create an ecosystem which will foster a culture of Inclusion, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Odisha for enabling industrial development and help in making inclusive and equitable growth a reality across all sectors of the State.

The State of Odisha has been blessed with five important resources - Natural Resources, Mineral Resources, Agricultural Resources, Biological Resources and Human Resources. Odisha has taken large strides in entrepreneurial development through the congruence between people, ideas, government and financial systems. The State considers industrial growth as a means to drive sustainable livelihood by promoting higher capital formation and absorbing surplus workforce.

The event is held in Partnership with the Department of IT & Electronics, Government of Odisha.


INFOCOM - The Telegraph ADVANTAGE ODISHA is the leading Business – Technology - Leadership Conference in the State since 2015. It is an initiative to drive the development of Odisha, showcase the potential of the State to the national investor community and to help attract a surge of investments in the State through a common platform where business embraces technology.

Theme: Digitally Transforming Odisha

Dates: June 23, 2018

Venue: The Crown, Bhubaneswar

Held in Association with PARTNER STATE: Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of Odisha and OCAC

Supported by: Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India and Digital India Plan


  • Participation from 35 thought leaders and entrepreneurs from across the country
  • Focus areas at the Conference:

    • Strategies for Building a Digital Odisha
    • Entrepreneurship and Startups
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • STPI Export Awards for 2017-18 Odisha: The STPI Export Awards for Odisha, organized by STPI at the INFOCOM platform is an endeavour to recognize the efforts of enterprises who have achieved many milestones and contributed immensely to Odisha’s IT/ITES export and growth. The Award ceremony is attended by key investors and SME/MSME Heads from Odisha. This will be the fourth edition of the Awards at INFOCOM.
  • Attended by over 300 delegates who would include:

    • Business strategists and think tanks
    • Business Executives from IT and ITES, Corporates and SMEs
    • Senior Central and State Government officials
    • Analysts and Thought Leaders


June 23, 2018

10:00 hrs – 11:00 hrs

Registration and Tea/Coffee


Pre-Inaugural Leadership Keynote

A1 11:00 hrs – 11:30 hrs

Empowering the Entrepreneurship Spirit


Inaugural Ceremony

11:30 hrs – 11:35 hrs

Lamp Lighting

11:35 hrs – 11:40 hrs

Welcome Address

11:40 hrs – 12:15 hrs

Address by Guests of Honour

12:15 hrs – 12:30 hrs

Address by Chief Guest


Conference Sessions

A2 12:30 hrs - 13:30 hrs

Panel: Re-Inventing Societal Infrastructure with Technology

13:30 hrs – 14:30 hrs

Networking Lunch

A3 14:30 hrs – 15:15 hrs

Spotlight Session: PIECE OF MIND

A4 15:15 hrs – 16:00 hrs

Panel Discussion: Engaging the Millennials

A5 16:00 hrs – 16:20 hrs

Keynote: Opportunities for Micro & Small Entrepreneurs

A6 16:20 hrs – 17:10 hrs

Panel Discussion: Amplifying Digital with Artificial Intelligence

A7 17:10 hrs – 17:30 hrs


17:30 hrs – 18:30 hrs

Networking over Tea & Coffee

A8 18:30 hrs – 20:00 hrs

STPI Export Awards for 2017-18 Odisha

20:00 hrs onwards

Networking Dinner


Star Speakers