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V V R Babu

Former Group CIO of ITC & Independent Non-Executive Director - SAKSoft and GS FARM TAAZA

CIO Perspectives

Translating Digital Transformation into clear Business Value

The 1990s was the age of production. Whoever owned a production unit made money. The 2000s was the age of distribution. Those with wider networks did better business than others. Today is the age of experience around products. The better experience you can provide your customers, the better you are at your sales. Just as Netflix has replaced films in theatres, Uber has displaced the taxi and car rentals, Tesla’s driverless autonomous cars will rule in 20 years. So, by the time your children grow up, they need not learn driving at all. Neither would they need to apply for driving licences. You wont need to live close to office or worry about parking and you can build your home in greener environments. Which is why digitization is here to stay and it wll change our lives in a big way.

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