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Ummesh Shah

Group MD & CEO - SRUK Advisory Projects Services Limited

CIO Perspectives

What are your priority areas for digital transformation in your organization and how has the journey taken shape?

The primary focus area for STC is setting in motion, a steady process of digital transformation, meaning to digitize the business in three ways -

  • Digital Customer: Bring the digitally native customer to use our products and offerings through more state-of-art means such as mobile.
  • Digital Seller: If you see, 50% of the organization is into selling. So, we are empowering the seller, the agent, with tools (internally).
  • Digital Employee: Our intranet is still legacy, so we are looking at whether employees can move to using apps or continue to use the desktop, and how much of the transition is actually relevant.

The second focus area would be in building capabilities for digital transformation. The key areas we see in this are in augmenting the UI, UX capability to enhance customer experience.

We will also be looking at creating digital engineering. We intend to hire developers, through which we will be reversing our policy till date which has been to outsource development work. We have been hiring architects as well. The next step would be to look at getting data scientists and psychologists.

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