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Sankarshan Banerjee

CTO - Operation - National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)

CIO Perspectives

Business analytics in the era of Cloud and Big Data

The sources of data have not changed. We look at longer time periods of data. This gets us worried about cyber security. About 25 per cent of those who train on the exchange, train on the net. We have 700 billion security data points per day. We have a couple of thousands servers for performance data. We gather data from every machine, CPU. How many times has the computer logged in, logged out. We are storing only one hour of data through. We would love to store more. With all this data we have started doing predictive models like gauging what the behaviour is likely to be. We are doing predictive analysis on logging behaviour and order volumes. We predict one hour ahead. Prediction, of course, has its own faults and pitfalls.

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