CIO Wall

Sanghamitra Pyne

Head and Chief Engineer - IT - West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

What are the problems you are anticipating in your journey to the cloud?

There is information that belongs to a critical segment, so we have to really find out what the board is actually thinking about it. You might find that you have to balance these and secure the end-points. We need to integrate it with our IT business solutions so we need to look at one area with strong security feature.

Transforming your WAN from fragile to agile

We are trying to migrate one of our major enterprise applications on to cloud. One of the challenges is the network because in West Bengal, we have geographically disparate locations for our client. There is no single service provider who can reach out to all the locations with the MPLS. Virtualisation creates a single path that is secure for any MPLS or public network and 4G package. That is one good thing emerging from SD-WAN. Second is cost. But all this is for IT applications. For electricity, the other application is at the OT level. We keep the OT segregated from the IT network for cyber security reasons. It is a crtical national structure. We are looking for a virtualized path of integration of IT and OT through SD - WAN.

Opportunities and Challenges of the Digital Economy

There has been an increase of 1.7 crore in the consumer sector owing to rural electrification. We don’t concentrate on communication. From internet to mobile, the distribution pattern has changed.

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