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S K Rudra

AGM & Head - IT - CK Birla Hospitals

CIO Perspectives

How do you see your organization's IT infrastructure evolving over the next 5 years?

At CK Birla Hospitals our objective is to have smart hospitals. To make healthcare more efficient & effective, to meet patients demand for better care, we are looking forward to further adoption of new technologies. One of the initiatives is introducing IoT-Powered visibility & analytics. IoT solutions are planned to be integrated to capture and analyse data that will enable our Clinical care team to make smarter decisions that, can help save money and lives. Digitisation to the level of IoT integration can ensure availability of an unparalleled, real-time, life-critical data to further utilize it in the best possible manner. To achieve such level of digitisation, the IT infrastructure is going to be robust, flexible, ensuring 100% uptime. Hence, strategic shift from routine maintenance to innovation and strategic initiatives causing change in the model through which, IT infrastructure services would be delivered is expected. More automation over manual intervention is expected to overcome operational challenges and administrative overheads. Information security management also would be one of highest priorities in the coming years considering the increasing adoption of BYOD, service delivery on next-gen mobile devices, shifting delivery platforms (mobility, cloud, and social).

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