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Rupinder Goel

Global Digital Technology Leader in IT and Telecom and former Global CIO - Tata Communications

CIO Perspectives

Future of Smart Enterprises with IoT, Digital Health and Wearables

Digitalisation has three stages - past, present and future. We talk a lot about analytics, forecasting and what not. Think about it - that has already happened. That’s all the historical data. In the medical field when people talk of IoT, automation, or digitisation, one of the major things is historical data, past research and analytics. Are we ready to take realtime decisions? Let’s say something is happening to you or somebody is facing a heart attack. Can help be reached through real-time or IoT devices? There is still a gap in trust and adoption. We often discuss if physical and human doctors will be needed in future. I have two children and both are doctors. I am worried about their future. But there is still a lot more to be done in this field. The trust and adoption of technology are still far away. GenY or GenZ may be adopting more to digital changes in the medical field, but that is yet to come.

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