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P C Tibrewal

CFO & CIO - Anmol Biscuits Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

How is digital transformation impacting business outcomes and enhancing customer experience?

Today digital transformation is the ultimate challenge for any change management. It not only impacts the industry structures and strategic positioning but also affects the overall levels of an organization (every task, activity, process) and even it extends to supply chain as well. In today’s scenario business leaders must constantly challenge their organizations to ensure and adopt the changes which can ultimately unlock productivity gains and significant competitive advantages while delivering exceptional customer experience and satisfaction.

In reality a digital transformation is complete business transformation. Some may call it a digital business transformation, which is more fully in line with the business aspect of the transformation. Technological innovations leads to what we call technology disruptions. But transformation is not just about technology innovations and their disruption on the business. It is also about how these technological innovations are adopted and used.

Digital business transformations are influenced and driven by the factors such as Technological Innovations, Customer behaviour and demand, and external environmental factors.

We can think that digital transformation to be the third and final step in a company becoming digitally mature.

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