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Mukesh Garg

Business Transformation Leader and former Director-IT - AstraZeneca

CIO Perspectives

Future of Smart Enterprises with IoT, Digital Health and Wearables

Generally the health industry is slow in adopting technology because of regulations and partly because they have a traditional approach.

Technology can be very disruptive. But healthcare is catching up really fast now. Nowadays prescriptions are written by softwares in many places. If a doctor diagnoses fever in a child he just writes fever on the computer and the computer prescribes medicines. The doctor needs to just check it. It has standardised the whole process. It has saved a lot of time.The waiting time of patients is reduced as the doctor takes less time in writing prescriptions.

Today’s mobile devices possibly give you more data than the wearables.Wearables are being introduced but how many will wear the same jacket or shoe or watch just to capture data? Things have to progress much in that area. Wearables for ankles or toes may work.

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