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How is Digital Transformation affecting your datacenter strategy?

Every year we see certain emerging technologies that will have a major impact on datacenters. For example, adoption of cloud.

The new Datacenter eco-system must respond to the emerging business conditions dictated by a digital world and should replace the conventional type where large space is required to place big servers. After years of installing and configuring systems and servers, or managing and backing up databases, administrators are facing new reality: systems are being automated and their roles are being redefined or rather simplified.

At the core of digital world is data. Traditional application architectures are not flexible enough to adapt to the heavy data velocity, volume and variety. In addition, the IoT (Internet of Things) is driving decentralization of Datacenters and data security in borderless enterprises is taking new forms.

The world is going digital at a much faster pace, it is time to rethink Datacenters to meet tomorrow’s needs. Businesses are changing, digital technologies are creating fresh opportunities, these changes are bringing Datacenter architects back to the forefront in this digital era. This means bringing renewed focus to speed of deployment, availability, flexibility, scalability, agility, maintainability, security and affordability.

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