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K S Arun Kumar

President IT - Emami Group

CIO Perspectives

To Disrupt or to be Disrupted?

De intermediation is disruption. Music, travel and advertisement are industries which have the fundamentals characteristics of facing disruption. The trick lies in riding the wave instead of being sucked in. The driverless car is a disruptor but it is not a fast as Facebook. The digital spread in the service industry is higher. In Emami, the catch up on digital platform is big. Cloud first is the strategy for all infrastructure. What are the parameters of operational excellence that will determine the disruption? In digital Innovation, agility and disruptive mindset are prime. About 20 to 30 person failure is big in big companies. In startups 30% success is very big. Companies with foresight in leadership create smaller organizational structures that do innovation. The personal characteristics of different organisations determine whether they will be able to ride the disruption. There are many ideas that emerge but there is no technology to leverage the idea.

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