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Jaspreet Singh

Partner - Cyber Security, Advisory Services - Ernst & Young LLP

CIO Perspectives

Building a Cyber Resilient Enterprise

India is the third most affected nation from the cyber security perspective. There are close to 1,100 versions of android in the world. Organisations that have enabled Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are having a tough time with new devices and applications coming in every day. Not everyone is even testing these. We take 200 days to detect a cyber security incident in India and another 37 days to respond to the incident. The impact of a hack has serious consequences, including loss of honour. So, it is imperative for any organisation to be resilient so that they bounce back at the time of crisis. Backup is not the only thing that will help. We need response strategies. At the time of crisis, most people in organisations don’t know how to respond. Enterprise resilience comes from the fact that you not only detect and protect but you have to respond and recover. The main thing that drives cyber resilience is the speed of response. If you get an email of ransomware, please disconnect the computer. Given that we are talking about Digital India and smart cities, if we have a cyber-attack on any one system, it can bring down an entire city. We need to ask this question to ourselves. How fast you respond to a cyber-attack and how fast you recover from the situation are the essence of resilience. Risk assessment is needed to know what the limitations of the organisation are.

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