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Ashok Cherian

CIO - Emami Agrotech Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

What are the scenarios you are anticipating in terms of vulnerability whilst moving to Cloud and in particular when it comes to GDPR compliance?

GDPR is a new law that has come into practice this year that is predominantly for the EU member countries. But it will impact India if we handle any data belonging to the EU countries. GDPR is a game changer. It is making personalised use of data and how you manage this data is the actual focus. In India this is low priority because we focus on security standards. It also bring a new dimension to the complexity of cloud because you need to analyse how the cloud lies, how to handle it, can it manage the systems and controls that you put in. GDPR will enforce more discipline and in future we can hope that India will also get similar laws.

Transforming your WAN from fragile to agile

We have been working on SD –WAN for the past six months. We have a hybrid model where the controller is going to be in the cloud. Now we must see what kind of seamlessness will be exhibited with the type of applications that are adapted. The bottleneck was finding the right vendor to set up SD-WAN.

Multiple factors like zero touch and location based access forced us to decide to adopt SD-WAN. We can move seamlessly on cloud. Earlier we could not imagine getting multiple records from the internet. Now with the end point firewall feature, it becomes very simple.

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