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Arijit Dasgupta

Head - IT - Rupa & Company Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

What are your thoughts about your enterprise application landscape – way forward is public cloud or own private cloud?

Security threats, IT Inventory analysis and planning for the long term will help CIOs of organizations in securing a portion of their applications that must be on premise for these compliance and security reasons.

The question is, do those needs apply across the entire application fleet? If you feel to keep your stuff on-premise, the answer is probably going to be yes. If you can handle that is under a lot of pressure, one of the questions you ask is how do you manage costs, but also how do you help your organization become a digital enterprise. Unless you really drill down and look at what proportion of your application portfolio requires on-premise solutions and what proportion can be done differently, you just can’t accept the face value you get back.

Cloud is enabling legacy environment to be more accessible to the business users, making it something that is more agile and nimble and automatable, and those are all the good things that people love about public cloud. On the other hand, many companies are working hard to figure out how to make private, on-premises environments.

How is digital transformation impacting business outcomes and enhancing customer experience?

Through Digital Transformation; we are empowering the Employees, Sellers, Agents, and Operations with Digital Workflow. All things considered, firstly Digitalized Advertising has a huge effect. We have begun concentrating on Digital Stages, concentrating on different stages and systems along with various correspondence and promotion arrangements.

We have been witnessing significant changes in each of these focus areas:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Automation and improved efficiency
  • Lift in customer engagement
  • Greater digital traffic
  • Increased lead generation and sales
  • Digitally captured data led decision-making
  • Personalizing the customer experience for different customer garments
  • Imbibing a culture of change and innovation
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