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Abhishek Agarwal

Chief Information Officer, Corporate - IT - Balmer Lawrie

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What are your thoughts about your enterprise application landscape – way forward is public cloud or own private cloud?

Enterprise application in your own premises or someone else’s premises is a question and everyone is looking for the right answer, but no answer is right or wrong as it depends on lots of parameters, which varies from company to company. The companies which at one time worked for Data Center hosting have now evolved as a Cloud center.

Organizations need to take decision based on their respective requirements and not for the sake of new technology or new concept in the market which has come up. The first decision point is to go for cloud or for on premise and once decision is made for cloud then the next question arises regarding Public or Private cloud.

Cloud or not? The first decision is based on the application landscape. One needs to see the holistic picture before taking any decision as there are certain fundamental parameters that one needs to consider before any decision i.e. application type, data sensitivity, application bandwidth requirement, user profile – roaming vs static etc. One more important point each company should consider before going ahead for cloud is based on the cloud provider technical capability, Data center level and of course the monthly pay out. I believe that this is the most important part as we are going to partner with this provider and that too for long. The statement made by me is due to the following reasons – when someone is shifting from on premises to cloud, this is a process which not only is a financial dent but which is recurring, and also requires energies from all the departments and requires long processes, may be for 3 -6 months depending on the applications. In case the partner selection is not right and if they are not having adequate capability then reiterating the whole process is time and money loss to the company.

In my view, companies which are small in size can go for the public cloud but based on the sensitivity of data this needs to be divided between private and public cloud. The sensitive data needs to be placed in the company itself with proper security systems in place. In case the company is only dealing with internal clients then it is the company’s own decision but in case the applications are B2B then the partners are also stakeholder as the data of their company reside in your application and they also have a right to voice their opinion. The companies which are large in infrastructure can go for hybrid option, maintain the servers on premise for critical data and go for private cloud for the non-critical data.

The concept of Public or Private Cloud already exists since ages in the IT industry. The only difference is that the same facility has now been extended to different companies which was previously being used by individual companies.

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