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INFOCOM is ABP Group’s Business-Technology-Leadership Events division that hosts world class conferences, exhibitions, workshops, roundtables and awards across the year across various States in India and also in international locations like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

INFOCOM was initiated as the group’s premier flagship event in 2002 and now after 17 years, INFOCOM hosts a series of these B2B events for technology leaders, functional professionals, industry specialists, entrepreneurs and strategists in various formats.

Our events stand on the three unique pillars of Business, Technology and Leadership which is the magical combo for driving sustainable growth and success in changing times.

The annual flagship event, INFOCOM Calcutta comprises a three-day Conference and hosts one of the largest congregations of technology professionals, buyers-sellers, corporate leaders, academics, visionaries, and policymakers from India and beyond.


As the world goes digital and technology keeps defining the new way of life, many organizations are struggling to figure out how they should go Digital and face up to the Digital disruption challenge that is happening in their respective industries. The bigger challenge that is staring us right in our face is that this world has become VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

The last five years have challenged every business leader to survive and sustain performance. VUCA makes economic changes and it’s impact a difficulty to face with. There is no way to go back to the old world as this VUCA World is the new normal. But one can look at this VUCA world as an opportunity because at the same time that it is Volatile, it is also Vibrant as we can do all the things that we never did before, especially with technology. Instead of thinking Uncertain, it is actually Unreal in which the physical and digital come together. Instead of being Complex, it is Crazy considering all the simultaneous things we can do at the same time and how the pace of life has changed and finally instead of being Ambiguous it is Astounding in terms of the impact and return on investment that we could potentially have in this VUCA World. So VUCA can be scary if you think Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous and at the same time, VUCA can be Vibrant, Unreal, Crazy and Astounding if you look at it from the point of view of opportunity.

This change requires a new thinking, making sense of changing markets, developing new strategic directions and energizing your people. It’s time to hit the RESET button.

Winners in this new VUCA world will have to think bigger and different, to harness the growth potential of new markets and technologies, to redefine markets in their own vision, and engage customers and employees in more relevant and inspiring ways. You will win through ambition and innovation rather than legacy and scale, out-thinking the competition, focusing on the new hotspots and of course by embracing digital in more human ways. Winners in this VUCA World are the Game Changers who define new purpose and strategy, innovate business models and brands, harness networks and movements, to create a positive impact financially, and make a real difference to people’s lives. Are you fit and focused on the future? A future that you can re-imagine, then reset your direction and finally re-energise your people!

INFOCOM is back with its 2019 edition with a focus on “WINNING IN THIS VUCA WORLD”, where great minds will come together to find ways to face the new challenges through innovation, speed, customer collaboration, resilience, technology, and clarity. We will have opportunities to deep dive into the significance of technology disruptions, changing expectations from customers, shift of wealth from west to east, facing geopolitical uncertainties, shortening product and business cycles and get acclimatized to the new age of business.

Come join Business and Technology Leaders and Visionaries at the INFOCOM 2019 Conference while they deliberate on their experiences and highlight on the principles and policies that will be essential to win in this VUCA world.


Founded in 1922, the ABP Group is one of the foremost media conglomerates in India with 9 premier publications, five 24-hour national TV news channels, a leading book publishing business as well as various mobile and internet properties. ABP’s portfolio covers a gamut of genres and encompasses premium brands like — Anandabazar Patrika, The Telegraph, Fortune India, ABP News, ABP Ananda, ABP Majha, ABP Asmita, ABP Sanjha and many more…


The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India has been supporting INFOCOM initiatives over the years. Infact, ABP Pvt. Ltd. has been an empaneled partner for the execution of the Digital India Programme wherein the focus has been to enhance awareness and sensitize awareness about the “DIGITAL INDIA” programme and provide a unique platform to all stakeholders to collect State specific inputs regarding the challenges related to speeding up delivery of e-services in various States.


  • Over 50 sessions in 3 days of conference
  • Keynote addresses, Plenary sessions, Panel Discussions and Focus Forums on specific areas revolving around the theme: WINNING IN THIS VUCA WORLD
  • Focus Areas: Strategy & Leadership Forum, Technology Forum, Industry & SME Forum, State & Country Forum, CIO Connect & Security Forum
  • Special Spotlight Sessions with celebrity speakers
  • Central/ State Ministers’ Interactive Sessions
  • INFOCOM STPI Export Awards 2018-19: The STPI Export Awards, organized by STPI at the INFOCOM platform is an endeavour to recognize the efforts of enterprises who have achieved many milestones and contributed immensely to Eastern India’s IT/ITES export and growth. The Award ceremony is attended by key investors and SME/MSME Heads from across Eastern India. This will be the seventh edition of the Awards at INFOCOM.
  • INFOCOM State & Country Forum featuring different States of India and some of the countries and their investment offerings and tourism offerings for the B2B audience
  • INFOCOM Product Innovators Showcase will provide an opportunity for presenting new product offerings at the CIO Track on Day 1 and Day 2
  • Engaging and Innovative workshops to be hosted at the conference :
    • INFOCOM Hackstars: A workshop on Ethical Hacking
    • CXO Workshop: Workshops with select group of CXOs
  • Over 1200 delegates from large corporates, SMEs, policymakers, academia and media
  • Participation from over 250 top CIOs/CISOs from across the SAARC nations :
    • 150 CIOs/CISOs from Calcutta
    • 50 CIOs/CISOs from rest of India
    • 50 CIOs/CISOs from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal
  • Over 120 speakers from amongst well-known industry leaders, ICT experts and gurus, top corporates, think tanks, entrepreneurs, government officials and academia from across the world
  • Attended by top executives & decision makers of IT and user industry as well as bureaucrats and the academic community
  • A variety of unique networking events including Peer-to-Peer Groups, Networking Lunches/Dinners and Awards on all three days of the Conference

Focus Areas Of The Conference

  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Digital Transformation
  • AI, IoT and Blockchain
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • CXO Success Stories
  • Smart Homes and Digital Health
  • Startup and Entrepreneurship
  • State and Tourism

Delegate Profile (1200 nos)

Meet the Influencers, Entrepreneurs, and Enthusiasts who will all be there at INFOCOM 2019

  • Business strategists, ICT and ITES professional: CIOs, CFOs, CTOs and key decision-makers in any organization
  • Business executives: marketing professionals and those who influence the implementation of enterprise strategies
  • Senior Central and State Government officials including Municipal heads
  • Analysts and consultants: marketing and financial analysts, strategy & technology analysts
  • Venture capitalists/fund managers/investment bankers
  • Software developers and programmers
  • Overseas trade delegations
  • Industry Influencers: IT bodies and Media
  • Academia

The Delegate Profile (last edition)


Day 1: December 5, 2019

08:30 hrs – 09:30 hrs Registration and Tea/Coffee
Pre-Inauguration - Plenary SessionVenue: ITC Sonar, Calcutta
09:30 hrs – 09:45 hrs Introductions
P1 09:45 hrs – 10:45 hrs

Opening Keynote: Winning in this VUCA World with Innovation & Creativity

Keynote Speaker: Duncan Wardle, Chief Innovation Officer, Id8&innov8 and Former VP Innovation & Creativity, Walt Disney

P210:45 hrs – 11:05 hrs

Theme Keynote: Winning in this VUCA World

P3 11:05 hrs – 11:25 hrs

Leadership Keynote: Digital Agility in VUCA World

P4 11:25 hrs – 11:45 hrs

Leadership Keynote: Empowering Digital Transformation Together

Inauguration of the Conference
12:30 hrs – 12:35 hrs

Lamp lighting

12:35 hrs – 12:40 hrs

Welcome Address

12:40 hrs – 13:15 hrs

Address by Guests of Honour

13:15 hrs – 13:30 hrs

Address by Chief Guest

13:30 hrs – 14:30 hrs

Networking Lunch


Day 1: December 5, 2019

A1114:30 hrs – 15:30 hrs STPI Export Awards 2018-2019 - West Bengal
A1215:30 hrs – 16:10 hrs

Strategy Panel: 5G Commercialization and Beyond

A1316:10 hrs – 16:50 hrs

BFSI Panel: Disruptive Trends in BFSI

A14 16:50 hrs - 17:10 hrs

Keynote: Autonomous Database Powered by Machine Learning: Converged Data Management

17:30 hrs – 18:00 hrs:

Tea & Coffee

A & B 16 18:00 hrs – 18:20 hrs

Keynote: Where Today Meets Tomorrow

A & B 17 18:20 hrs – 19:00 hrs

Fireside Chat: Innovation Making a Difference

A & B 18 19:00 hrs – 20:30 hrs

Spotlight Session: ‘ACCELERATE’- Achieving Excellence Together

Spotlight Speaker: Harrish Sai Raman, Motivational Speaker and Leadership Coach

20:30 hrs onwards Inauguration Grand Dinner
B11a14:30 hrs – 15:00 hrs

Keynote: Ignite Your Curiosity

Keynote Speaker: Giri Balasubramaniam, Quizzing Wizard and Founder and CEO, Greycaps, also nicknamed as “PICKBRAIN”

B11b15:00 hrs – 15:20 hrs


B1215:20 hrs – 15:40 hrs

Keynote: Going beyond EDR with XDR

B1315:40 hrs – 16:00 hrs

Keynote: The Digital Dreamer in Today’s VUCA World

B1416:00 hrs – 16:45 hrs

Panel: Unlocking the potential of AI for the Enterprise

B1516:45 hrs – 17:30 hrs

Panel: Integrating Edge, IOT and Cloud

17:30 hrs – 18:00 hrs

Tea & Coffee

A & B 1618:00 hrs – 18:20 hrs

Keynote: Where Today Meets Tomorrow

A & B 1718:20 hrs – 19:00 hrs

Fireside Chat: Innovation Making a Difference

A & B 1819:00 hrs – 20:30 hrs

Spotlight Session: ‘ACCELERATE’- Achieving Excellence Together

Spotlight Speaker: Harrish Sai Raman, Motivational Speaker and Leadership Coach

20:30 hrs onwards Inauguration Grand Dinner

Day 2: December 6, 2019

08:30 hrs - 09:30 hrs

Registration (Only for delegates who have not registered on Day 1)

A&B 20 09:30 hrs – 11:00 hrs

Spotlight Session: Extreme Customer Centricity in this VUCA World

Speaker: Rik Vera, Renowned Thought Leader, Customer Centricity Expert and Author of “Managers The Day After Tomorrow”

A&B 21 11:00 hrs - 11:20 hrs

Leadership Keynote: Datacentre Modernization: The Foundation for Digital Transformation

A&B 22 11:20 hrs - 11:40 hrs

Keynote: CIO Bucket List 2020

A&B 23 11:40 hrs - 12:00 hrs

Keynote: Intelligent Data Platform: Dawn of the Intelligence Era

A&B 24 12:00 hrs - 12:20 hrs hrs

Keynote: Oracle Generation 2 Cloud-India

A&B 25 12:20 hrs - 12:40 hrs

Keynote: Leadership in a Digital Society

A&B 26 12:40 hrs – 13:00 hrs

Keynote: Is Technology Assisting you to get your Career Choice?

13:30 hrs - 14:30 hrs

Networking Lunch

A27 14:30 hrs – 14:50 hrs

Keynote: Understanding ROI on your Insurance

A28a 14:50 hrs – 15:50 hrs

SME Panel: New Generation Entrepreneurship in India

A28b 15:50 hrs – 16:10 hrs

Keynote: Building an Effective Digital Ecosystem in Banking

A29 16:10 hrs – 17:10 hrs

Social Panel: Engaging your Business with Social Media

17:10 hrs - 17:30 hrs

Tea & Coffee

A&B29c 17:30 hrs – 18:30 hrs

Inspirational Keynote: Taking Risks to Rise

Keynote Speaker: Major (Retd.) VANDANA SHARMA, Woman Icon, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Career Coach and an Ex-Military Officer of the Indian Army

A&B29d 18:30 hrs – 19:30 hrs

Spotlight Session: Upgrading Your ‘Selfware’

Keynote Speaker: SUDHANSHU PALSULE, Award Winning Educator, CEO Advisor and Leadership Coach in the field of Transformative Leadership

B27 14:30 hrs – 14:50 hrs

Security Keynote: Managing Cyber Security with Business facing Service

B28a 14:50 hrs – 15:30 hrs

Panel: Good to Great using Digital

B28b 15:30 hrs – 15:50 hrs

Keynote: Benchmark like a Boss to Improve your Security Program

B28c 15:50 hrs – 16:30 hrs

Panel: Preparing for the Next Technology Wave

B29a 16:30 hrs – 16:50 hrs

Keynote: Enabling a Cyber-Secure Digital India

B29b 16:50 hrs – 17:10 hrs


17:10 hrs - 17:30 hrs

Tea & Coffee

A&B29c 17:30 hrs – 18:30 hrs

Inspirational Keynote: Taking Risks to Rise

Keynote Speaker: Major (Retd.) VANDANA SHARMA, Woman Icon, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Career Coach and an Ex-Military Officer of the Indian Army

A&B29d 18:30 hrs – 19:30 hrs

Spotlight Session: Upgrading Your ‘Selfware’

Keynote Speaker: SUDHANSHU PALSULE, Award Winning Educator, CEO Advisor and Leadership Coach in the field of Transformative Leadership


Day 3: December 7, 2019

08:30 hrs - 10:00 hrs


A 31 10:00 hrs - 11:00 hrs

Panel: Challenges for Entrepreneurs in 2020

A 32 11:00 hrs – 11:30 hrs

State Showcase: Unleashing the Potential of Bihar

A 33 12:00 hrs - 12:30 hrs

Tourism Showcase: Breathtaking BENGAL

A 34 12:30 hrs - 13:30 hrs

Government - Private Panel: Collaborative working to build the Future Society

13:30 hrs - 14:30 hrs

Networking Lunch

A 35 15:00 hrs - 16:00 hrs

Tourism Showcase: Mystic MEGHALAYA

A 36 16:00 hrs - 16:30 hrs

Tourism Showcase: JAMMU & KASHMIR

A 37 16:30 hrs - 16:50 hrs

Keynote: Customer Experience for Business Sustainability

16:50 hrs – 17:15 hrs

Tea & Coffee

08:00 hrs - 09:30 hrs

Registration over Tea & Coffee (Only for delegates who have not registered on Day 1 & 2)

B31 10:00 hrs – 11:00 hrs

Panel: Pitfalls and Wins on the path to Zero Trust

B32 11:00 hrs – 11:40 hrs

Panel: Innovation in Security - From Preventing to Detecting

B33 11:40 hrs – 12:00 hrs

Keynote Address: Tackling the Rise and Spread of Crime

B34 12:00 hrs – 13:00 hrs

Panel: Abusing the Internet of Things

13:30 hrs - 14:30 hrs

Networking Lunch

B35 14:30 hrs – 15:10 hrs

Panel: Preserving Your Digital Identity – Threats and Measures

B36 15:10 hrs – 15:30 hrs

Keynote: Mitigating the two biggest risks in cybersecurity - Humans and Emails!

B37a 15:30 hrs – 16:20 hrs

Game: Hack the Hackers

B37b 16:20 hrs – 17:00 hrs

Workshop: Xtreme Hacking

17:00 hrs - 17:15 hrs

Tea & Coffee

A&B 38 17:15 hrs – 18:15 hrs

Spotlight Session: The Human Factor - Cybersecurity is Made Out of People

Keynote Speaker: Misha Glenny, Renowned and Award Winning Investigative Journalist and Leading Expert on Cyber Crime

A&B 39 18:15 hrs – 19:15 hrs

Spotlight Session: Breaking Stereotypes

Spotlight Speaker: TABU, Indian Film Actress

A&B 40 19:15 hrs – 19:35 hrs

Valedictory Session: What next for Bengal?

19:35 hrs onwards

Cocktails and Gala Dinner


Star Speakers