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Venkata Rao Damera

President IT - Emami Limited

CIO Perspectives

Cyber security and the Millennials

There are two sets of people in an organisation. One is the youth — millennials — and the other is the older generation. The older generation has business experience whereas the younger generation knows the technology. Most people chase the latest technology without thinking about the security factor involved.

In our organisation, we have a strong architecture and are looking for solutions that meet our requirements to the best. We also need to hold awareness programmes as most of the problems that occur are due to lack of awareness.

Ninety-five per cent of the problem is that we have the technology available but still have to identify the risks. Only then is it prudent to opt for new technology.

Mobile security and BYOD for Digital Business

In today's environment speed is the key. An Organisation needs to provide quick service and the decision of adopting BYOD or not should be taken keeping this in mind. By 2020 70 per cent of the people would be connected to Smart phones and that too they would be connected to three devices a day. Since the organisation cannot avoid this, it must update its security levels so productivity is intact without compromising on internal safety. Connecting to a public network on a personal device includes a lot of risk. In the current scenario of mobile and devices, we find people having multiple devices and accessing networks from multiple points. Businesses will also require instant data. Keeping this is mind, it is necessary to take a Holistic approach and in future there will be more incidents and inputs and in turn will have to find more secure solutions.

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