CIO Wall

Tapajyoti Chakraborty

General Manager - Systems & Logistics - Chandras' Chemical Enterprises (P) Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

What is your IT strategy for driving business agility and scale?

In my opinion, IT strategy to drive business agility and scale depends on various factors. It needs thorough analysis of the application of the available technology platforms to be adopted to suit the business needs and agility required to respond to the demands of the client. The competition in the market, the business profiles of the client needs to be taken into account to decide on the kind of strategy to adopt the technologies at disposal. The cost – benefit analysis and the ROI are important factors in the decision making to strategise. A long term business roadmap from the management needs to be taken into account to make the strategy investment worthy since the out flow towards maintenance cost of all IT facilities is a relevant factor. Our IT strategy depends on the business agility and the scale of the company’s business plans which is reviewed and planned accordingly.

Digital Disruptions not only threaten the very core of an organization’s business but also present an opportunity to innovate and excel. How are you responding to the new changes and applying digital transformation strategy in your organization?

We made rapid but judicious strides since 2003. It is not that we have always adopted the latest and state of the art technologies. But we have been taking decisive initiatives in adopting technology, keeping in mind the business needs to be met and being competitive.