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Dr. Sundar Raj Vijayanagar

CTO - Srei Equipment Finance

CIO Perspectives

Is ‘Integrate. Converge. Transform’ - The New Mantra for CIO Success?

SREI has been going digital in phases since 2010. Over the last two years, we have started cloud storage. IT infrastructure was developed, data centres were virtualized and the digital transformation has given us unlimited possibilities. A few years ago we were handling five to six projects whereas we are now handling 35.

To Disrupt or to be Disrupted?

We are going through disruption right now in demonetization. Your own money is not yours to spend. It took more than 100 years for print media to reach 50 million readers, it took 38 years for radio to reach 50 millions listeners, it took 13 years for television to reach 50 millions home, it took 4 years for internet to have 50 million users, it took 3 years for iPad to reach 50 millions user, it took nine months for Facebook to reach 50 million users. Technology is changing and enebling disruption. Large companies with large asset base can buy computing space in cloud and do innovation at cheaper cost. Many manufacturing companies have had to close shop. Nokia manufactured the same kind of phones for 20 years. It did not innovate and had to close down. For Samsung, on the other hand, innovation is the success story. Multiple businesses have collaborated to create a new business model.

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