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R K Chhattani

General Manager – IT, BPR and BTD - UCO Bank

CIO Perspectives

Fueling Enterprise Transformation: How to solve Real Time Problems with Hybrid Cloud?

More than 75 percent of digital transactions take place in banking, and this has increased after demonetisation and GST implementation. These events have accelerated the progress of digital transactions. We have been trying to provide Digital Services for a long time but data security and confidentiality were always a concern. That is the reason why in the banking sector, not much has been done for cloud or hybrid. Few banks have gone to cloud for feedback management, email etc but I don't find any bank going to cloud for transactional purposes. Analytics is very important in banking. In my opinion over a period of time, cloud has to change from being the first stop to being the vehicle particularly for banking and public sector. To be able to solve a problem I must know what I need to have. I do have my own data by I cannot compare mine with others. If we go on cloud, we need to have additional layers. Data like time span and other genetic information can go on community cloud which can be formed in partnership with other banks. When that data is available it will help banks formulate their policies as compared to other banks. We cannot have everything on private cloud and cannot totally go on public cloud so that is where hybrid cloud plays a role.

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