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L. Subrahmanyam

Senior Vice-President, Digital Services - Siemens Healthcare

CIO Perspectives

Future of Smart Enterprises with IoT, Digital Health and Wearables

I will share what digitalisation means for a doctor, a patient and a hospital. Digital imaging in X-rays gives lot more information today. The cinematic rendering of the image benefits the patient and ensures he gets the right treatment. It also reduces errors for doctors. That is how digital imaging is progressing. A hospital needs it to make its operations more efficient. Hospital is an industry that is looking at optimised processes.

For digitalisation to work, we require data. The data is coming from CT machines, MRI machines, laboratory sources etc. Data has to be converted into proper knowledge. That’s what we call a team-based digital eco-system. This is where Siemens Healthcare is trying to increase the data and convert that into useful knowledge. The knowledge is used by doctors to prescribe the right medicines. The patient is getting personalised and precise treatment and the hospital is becoming more efficient.

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