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Kshitij Mishra

Tech Evangelist - Avaya India

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Voice Impact in the Customer Journey

Voice has been the primary medium of connecting people, be it people-to-people communication or people-to-business. Previously when we used to talk to organisations, we called, and the calls were received by call centres. Thereafter other media were introduced like SMS, e-mail, video and cobrowsing. In co-browsing, the person speaking to you can take control of your web session. Now more media, like social media, have come about so one can reach out to an organisation over WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. Controls are being created on web pages where calls can be placed by a click. One no longer needs to dial or search for the customer care number.

Then there are chat bots, where you can chat and share your querries. This is engagement. Customer journey ranges right from calling to engagement.

But customers are still not happy. We still believe something is missing or that something could have been faster. The issue is that over time, customers have become researchers. Before buying a product, they try to learn everything about it. They have become impatient and want everything in one click. So with the help of all the channels, companies started creating customer journey maps. So when sentiments along with information come to an agent, he deals with the issue more efficiently.

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