CIO Wall

Kopal Sarin Raj

Director - Engineering, Asia Pacific Cloud & IP - Sapirent Communications

CIO Perspectives

Cost Optimisation in the age of Digital Business

Cost optimisation comes where we know how to get more out of the investments we have already made and technologies and companies moving into the virtual networks. Then you have to work out to validate them, benchmark them and built your capacity out of that virtual network. We are also becoming innovative and try to generate more margin from our products which is also a challenge. Earlier we would sent a box and the customer would need to understand the complex box and set it up within their network, but now we are trying to make it autonomous in terms of plug and place situation, hoping that it will save money for the customers and they will keep investing in us.

IoT in a Connected World - Today and Tomorrow

Avocado cultivation needs more water. In California, IoT is used to test the moisture content in the soil to determine the quality quantity of water needed to increase the production of avocados. According to research, this technology will save one trillion dollars by 2020. A recent bot attack crashed one million Deutsche Telecom internet routers. Making a fake IP address is easy for the hackers. But IoT devices are more secure as they can only send messages and do not receive messages.

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