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Kaushik Chakravarty

Head - IT - Skipper Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

What are your thoughts about your enterprise application landscape – way forward is public cloud or own private cloud?

The hybrid cloud solutions are the way forward for enterprise application landscape. Security concerns have mainly driven companies to opt for private cloud model rather than going for a public cloud. However, now that these concerns have been dealt with, organisations are moving to public cloud, giving rise to increasing use of hybrid cloud environment. Data and security breaches are still top of the list of concerns when considering such a move. Not only is it economical, but it also helps address the fluctuations in user load by providing the elastic resources which can be scaled up and scaled down based on the requirement. And this can be achieved without having the need to additionally invest in hardware and software to address the peak loads. Hybrid Cloud Solutions are for Optimal Performance and Reliability.

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