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Hilal Khan

Vice President and Operating IT - Honda Cars India Limited

CIO Perspectives

Mobile security and BYOD for Digital Business

I come from a traditional industry that involves manufacturing and BYOD is a concept that’s generally associated with the digital industry. But then it is imperative for every kind of business to remain flexible and relevant with changing times. For instance our industry is dependent on service and sales dealers who obviously need digital tools to go about their work. But it would prove extremely expensive for the organisation if it tried to provide devices to all of them. In such a case it works out cheaper to allow the dealers to use their own devices and also allows them the liberty to so. The BYOD concept comes with inherent merits and demerits and to overcome I think the solution is CYOD - Choose Your Own Device. That way there would be a standardisation among devices as well as equilibrium of the company’s and dealers interests.

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