CIO Wall

Harish Avadhani

Head C&L and IT - Gainwell Commosales Pvt. Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

What prompted you to embark on the IT transformation journey?

The foray of SAP into the IT transformation journey for the last three and a half years since its implementation in our organization has been profound and far fetched so far. The major advantage has been the tight and extremely high integration between its different functional modules mapped to our business modules cutting across ECC and CRM.

Due to accurate and timely information made available by virtue of seamless integration between the modules, reconciliation activity has been reduced to a great extent. The management of billing processes is efficient than before leading to quicker payments from customers and thereby a reduction in accounts receivables, number of disputes per order, etc.

Customer satisfaction level has increased manifold times due to higher and timely availability of products and services with a low turnaround time managed thru less stock outages, just in time inventory, reduced order-to-delivery time, reduced delivery-to-invoice time and robust processes/procedures in place.

Having mentioned the core journey so far, we are in the process of embracing the digital business transformation with mobile technology for our field service personnel and planning to migrate to cloud computing infrastructure in the next six to 8 months.

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