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Dilip Kumar Sharma

Executive Director - JMS Mining Services Pvt. Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

What is your IT strategy for driving business agility and scale?

Agility is the key requirement for the growing business. The pace of change is dynamic. Client expectations, competitions and regulatory changes are disrupting global markets—and the way you do business. In this rapidly changing application economy, software is at the heart of every business and should work as the mother board of all the businesses, driving every industry. Gone are the days when you could build an application or product and then go years without changing much.

To survive the disruptive outside forces lurking around practically every corner, you have to stay on top of your game and a step ahead of competitors. Your peers at other companies are likely facing challenges similar to yours, yet you see them leading the industry by consistently sensing market opportunities and delivering innovative new products. Creating agility of this order means consciously re-architecting your whole business operating system into one that’s designed for speed, steering and opportunity. This new design delivers results—cutting costs and time to market in half, while increasing application quality and customer satisfaction.

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