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Debashis Roy

Vice President IT - CESC

CIO Perspectives

Opportunities and Challenges of the Digital Economy

Earlier the manual meter reading to payment of electricity bill took 21 days. Now the reading can be done by voice, the bill is instantly processed or emailed. The customer can go online and pay. It takes two minutes. Digitisation has disrupted the process cycle time for our industry.

Is ‘Integrate. Converge. Transform’ - The New Mantra for CIO Success?

Going Digital has sped up the meter-to-cash cycle at CESC from three weeks to seconds. Now meter inspectors enter readings on tabs using an app on the spot. The tab even has a voice reading option to reduce typing errors. Consumers get an instant alert from our billing centre and can make the payment using another app.

Digital inclusion: What does it mean for enterprises?

Earlier we had to go to officers to pay bills within a specific hours, but now with digital inclusions we can pay bills from home. So a static website has turned into an interactive 24X7 virtual office. Digital Technology has helped us improve customer service, business process and effective operation of devices. We serve over three million customers. Our in house team has developed a mobile app. We have also installed smart meters in places.

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