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Azfar Shahab

Head - IT - TEGA Industries Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

What prompted you to embark on the IT transformation journey?

In today's ever changing business environment can you stay isolated? Can an organization afford to have scores of individual templates and continue to work in their own silos? Can all of us work on a business system to establish a single source of truth? Can we move from people dependent culture to a system dependent and a process driven culture? Many such questions were to be answered when TEGA embarked on the IT transformation journey. Headquartered at Kolkata, as front runners, we at TEGA Industries set sail on the IT transformation journey in 2005 with SAP implementation. During this time, not many players had switched to this business ERP in West Bengal. The inevitable need for igniting an IT transformation journey was felt in order to establish a business ERP that could be used by its global users and that the management could view the financial and operational statistics in real-time. Businesses had been expanding and consolidation was required as also to keep a close tab on the growth, quality and timely delivery of its solutions and services to customers spread across all continents. TEGA provides customer specific solutions in the mining and mineral equipment space. Today, as time progresses, we at TEGA aspire to be once again ahead in the digital transformation journey with a complete suite of SAP Success Factors implementation under way to strengthen people management processes on a global scale, making strategic decisions through business intelligence, automating engineering drawings of its solutions for a faster on-boarding of our customers and implementing optimized solutions to speed up the business cycle.

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