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Ashish Kalay

Group CIO - SREI & Kanoria Group

CIO Perspectives

Creating a New Standard of Trust in Business Transactions

In a business context, trust has several attributes. First it is relative to a given context, it is directed, it must be measurable, it must exist in a specific period of time. Any business transaction is essentially B2B or B2C. The velocity of B2C is higher and it is very transactional and to support that you have security, encryption etc. All these go into defining and protecting the transaction. All these are there to protect trust. It is a combination of human element and machine element where transactions will essentially mean trust between party A and party B. Most of our effort goes into protecting the breach in trust. All the platforms like block chain or encryption have been created to speed up the transactions. At this point the more transparent you are, the better off you are as a business.

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