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Digital Disruptions not only threaten the very core of an organization’s business but also present an opportunity to innovate and excel. How are you responding to the new changes and applying digital transformation strategy in your organization?

Going Digital is not something new for mjunction, which has always believed in leveraging the power of IT backed intervention in traditional ways of doing commerce. However, presently we consider, that there are several changes in the marketplace that are disruptive in nature.

We are primarily doing three things to respond to these changes and leverage some of the opportunities:

  1. Thus far, our focus has been to implement systems and platforms which make selling and buying processes more efficient & convenient by transforming the core process digitally.  While this continues to be a key part of our offerings, we are now going beyond the core processes and have started automating end to end activities which include some of our client processes. This not only helps cut out 'waste steps' from the way our clients do business, but also synergizes the end output which is faster to reach, more accurate and more cost effective. Results have already begun to show with us moving from an external service provider to an integral partner in our clients' digital enterprise journey. Wearing many hats, we now play the role of an internal consultant, implementer, infrastructure and engagement partner - all at the same time for our clients.

  2. For the transacting customers on our platforms we have carved out a roadmap of increased integration and empowerment through self-service. As part of this strategy, we have deployed dedicated mobile apps and web based systems  to encourage our customers to ride the digital wave. As an example, we have chosen to digitize our customer visit reports which the field force punches straight into our internal sales cloud. This has resulted in better outcomes for the customers through right information at the right time.
  3. To take things to the next level, we are working on transformation of business critical data into greater business insights through data rationalization, transformation and visualization. This has helped improve quality & coverage of our data and has aided our people to take better management decisions. Going one step further, we have also leveraged the power of data analytics to advise our clients on their key business KPIs and their target setting. This has led them to do even better, what they were already good at!

How is Digital Transformation affecting your datacenter strategy?

As a part of Digital transformation initiatives, organizations are embracing more and more internet based services. Internet based services required infrastructure, which is quite different from conventional IT infrastructure. There is also a cultural shift on the way we consume IT – consumerization of IT demands far more agility – this requires paradigm shift in every aspect of IT starting from managing seasonality in infrastructure demand, embracing new generation application architecture, faster rollout of IT projects and protecting information & assets in an ever changing security landscape. To respond to these changes, data center strategy has gone through major shift from erstwhile plan-build-run projects to consume-configure-run products/services. During past few years, there were adoption of virtualization, private cloud across the board, which helped us to improve reliability and simplified management. In recent time, digital transformation wave comes up with unique workload requirement that can best be met by public cloud – there is also a demand cycle where we need to move workload from public cloud to private cloud considering the amount of data that needs to be churned between public cloud and enterprise. The strategy must also address more challenging governance need where we have assets distributed across diverse network of multiple public clouds and in our own private network.

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