IFLA 2018


IFLA 2018




    • Sanchaita Chakraborty - POS for Eateries
    • Shailendra Rakhecha - Flexi-Datun
    • Akash Paul - Battery Swap Station
    • Dr. Dhoolappa M - Organic Anti Mosquito Cake
    • Sayantan Chatterjee - Beatest Tech Hiring
    • Vaibhav Ganesh Modak - Organic Fertilizer



    • Koyena Bose - Aid for Blind
    • Arun Kapil - Sanitary Napkin Dispensing
    • Kamal Dev - Device w/ Medical Records
    • Pritam Saha - Low Cost Toilet Recycled Waste
    • Sayak Mitra - Bionic Hand
    • Maikal Kumar Jha - Battery Water Warmer



    • Partha Chakraborty - Soil & Urine Testing Kit (Chem. Analyser)
    • Sujata Chatterjee - Twirl Reusing Old Clothes
    • Shivi Singh - ClearDekho.com
    • Shameel Abdulla - ClooTrack Customer AI Platform
    • Kalyan Koley - Black Bengal Goat
    • Paresh Jurmarwala - Diagnostic on Cloud, Rural Lab Testing
    • Prabhav Garudadhwajan - EasyKrishi


IFLA - under the aegis of the main event, INFOCOM - is an endeavour to identify, groom and provide impetus to the growth of young and future entrepreneurs. It was launched in 2006 as a paper writing competition for management students across the globe and since 2016 has been re-positioned as an “Original Business Ideas competition”.

Today IFLA has transformed into one of the most prestigious Start-Up Competitions in the country.

IFLA 2018 will be the 3rd edition of the “Original Business Ideas” competition which runs with an objective to encourage germination of Original Business Ideas and provide a platform to showcase the same and provide funding and mentorship opportunities to the young, future leaders and entrepreneurs who have brilliant and original ideas on their mind and the passion to transform these ideas into business models.


  • Original start-up idea


    • Student
    • General
  • Original start-up business


  • Registration has to be done online @ www.indiainfocom.com
  • Individual/Teams (max 2 individuals) will submit their ideas and business plans online in predefined format in their respective categories.
  • Initial Screening and shortlisting of ideas will be done from total entries received. Top 6 ideas from each category and sub category will be shortlisted.
  • These 6 shortlisted Candidates in 3 categories/sub categories i.e. 18 shortlisted entries will get an opportunity to showcase and present their business ideas at INFOCOM 2018 on December 8, 2018.
  • Total time of 5 mins (3 mins pitch + 2 mins QA) will be given to each Individual/Team to present their ideas in front of the Grand Jury and the audience.
  • At INFOCOM 2018, The Grand Jury will evaluate the top 6 pitches of each category i.e. 18 pitches in total.
  • Out of these 6 finalists in each category/sub category, Top 3 winners will be selected in each category/sub category on the basis of Grand Jury scores who will be given the prize money.


The winners will receive cash prizes. Additionally, there will be an 'investor's forum' where all the featured start-ups can raise funds.

  • Total Shortlisted entries is 18 and Total winners is 9
  • Cash prizes and IFLA 2018 Trophy and Certificate for winners
  • Opportunity for finalists to raise funds from investors, crowd etc
  • The Top 3 in each category get an all-expenses paid trip to Kolkata and free entry to INFOCOM 2018 – December 8, 2018.


Sub Category Student: Top 3 winners get prize money of Rs. 50,000/- each

Sub Category General: Top 3 winners get prize money of Rs. 75,000/- each

Category Original start-up business: Top 3 winners get prize money of Rs. 2, 00,000/- each

Total Prize money being given out at IFLA 2018: Rs. 9.75 lakhs

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