INFOCOM Calcutta 2016


Flagship Event
INFOCOM Calcutta 2016


INFOCOM, an initiative from the house of ABP was started in 2002 as a forum that would demonstrate India’s quest to be the IT superpower, and has today turned into a forceful and dynamic event that sets the pace for development in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, bringing potential partners together and helping the industry connect with associates and customers. INFOCOM today is one of the largest congregations of ICT professionals, buyers-sellers, corporate leaders, academics, visionaries, and policymakers in India.

Over the last 14 editions of the event, INFOCOM has evolved to be an important platform that focuses on the convergence of Business, Technology and Leadership elements that are essential for driving India to the next phase of growth.

INFOCOM, the annual event in Calcutta comprises a three-day Conference and brings together the best global minds in Technology, Business Strategy & functions and Leadership. However, in our endeavor to reach out to varied audiences across the globe, INFOCOM also provides various platforms in the form of Roundtables, Forums, Awards, Workshops and others across the years and across various locations within India and beyond.

Now in its 15th year, INFOCOM 2016 – Calcutta chapter will be held between, December 1-3, 2016. There will be a three-day business-technology-leadership conference at the Swissotel Kolkata. The theme for INFOCOM 2016 will be 'TRANSFORM l DISRUPT l TRANSFORM."


This year INFOCOM will enter its 15th edition. Since 2002, the year of its inception, INFOCOM has been built around a ‘Theme’ each year. Every year a new theme is researched and selected upon by considering the market scenario, economy trends and popular sentiments. The theme for INFOCOM 2016 is TRANSFORM | DISRUPT | TRANSFORM.

We have witnessed immense transformative changes, with the global economy going digital, the advent of the big data phenomenon, and the boom of countless mobile applications which have completely transformed the way we function and transact. When applications like Uber and Ola Cabs came into being they disrupted the conventional modes of using hired cars, followed by mwallet phenomenon which completely took the banking sector by storm. This act of disrupting by inventing and reinventing is a continuous cycle.

Today is all about taking action for a sustainable tomorrow, tomorrow is best designed when there is a healthy disruption. Thus in order to grow we need to transform. Disrupt the business processes before being disrupted by external forces and take transformative initiatives to empower individuals and for building future ready organizations.

India being the foremost developing nation with abundant resources and insurmountable capabilities has the potential to lead the way in transforming business and economies and way of living. With the help of the flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem, India can transform and disrupt the economy. Thus keeping the current trend in mind we have chosen the theme- 'Transform | Disrupt | Transform', for the 15th edition of INFOCOM.

INFOCOM 2016 will witness deliberations and debates from leaders with respect to real time cases of disruption and transformation. The conference is designed to elaborate on key issues of handling disruptive transformation in businesses, explore new opportunities that lie ahead, develop efficient and better products and services in the digital age and build on a growth path in a thriving competitive environment.

Come join us at the INFOCOM 2016 initiatives and explore the dynamics of transformation and disruptions that are helping build better and robust businesses across India and beyond.


Founded in 1922, the ABP Group is one of the foremost media conglomerates in India having 11 premier publications, three 24-hour national TV news channels, a leading book publishing business as well as various mobile and internet properties. ABP’s portfolio covers a gamut of genres and encompasses premium brands like — Anandabazar Patrika, The Telegraph, Fortune India, Ebela, ABP News, ABP Ananda, ABP Majha and many more…


The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India has empaneled ABP Pvt Ltd for the execution of the Digital India Programme wherein the focus is to enhance awareness and sensitize awareness about the “DIGITAL INDIA” programme and provide a unique platform to all stakeholders to collect State Specific inputs regarding the challenges related to speeding up delivery of e services in various States.


  • Theme: Transform | Disrupt | Transform
  • Dates of the event: December 1-3, 2016
  • Format: 3-day Conference along with Award Ceremonies
  • Venue: Swissotel Kolkata
  • Supported by: Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of India (


  • Over 20 sessions in 3 days of conference
  • Keynote addresses, Plenary sessions, Panel discussions and Focus Forums on specific areas revolving around the theme: Transform | Disrupt | Transform
  • Focus Areas: Strategy & Leadership, Banking, Infrastructure, Innovation, Technology – CIOs and CISOs, Security and Healthcare
  • Special Spotlight Sessions with Celebrity Speakers
  • Central/ State Ministers’ Interactive Sessions
  • INFOCOM STPI Export Awards 2015-16: The STPI Export Awards, organized by STPI at the INFOCOM platform is an endeavour to recognize the efforts of enterprises who have achieved many milestones and contributed immensely to Eastern India’s IT/ITES export and growth. The Award ceremony is attended by key investors and SME/MSME Heads from across Eastern India. This will be the fourth edition of the Awards at INFOCOM.
  • INFOCOM Future Leadership Awards 2016 with focus on Business Ideas and Start up initiative promotion to help generate future entrepreneurs.
  • Engaging and Innovative workshops to be hosted at the conference :
    • INFOCOM Hackstars: A Workshop on Ethical Hacking
    • CXO Workshop: Workshops with select group of CXOs
  • Over 1200 delegates from large corporates, SMEs, policymakers, academia and media
  • Participation from over 200 top CIOs/CISOs from across the SAARC nations :
    • 150 CIOs/CISOs from Calcutta
    • 40 CIOs/CISOs from rest of India
    • 30 CIOs/CISOs from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal
  • Close to 100 speakers from amongst well-known industry leaders, ICT experts and gurus, top corporates, think tanks, entrepreneurs, government officials and academia from across the world
  • Attended by top executives & decision makers of IT and user industry as well as bureaucrats and the academic community
  • A variety of unique networking events including Peer-to-Peer Groups, Networking Lunches/Dinners and Awards on all three days of the Conference

Focus areas of the Conference

  • Building a digital and connected India
  • Driving innovations through disruption
  • Building brands for a digital audience
  • Driving business transformations through disruptive technologies
  • Unleashing the potential of SMEs in driving the engine of growth for India
  • Promoting new startups
  • CIO Strategies in a Digital World
  • Best Practices in Security
  • Technology enabled Healthcare
  • Leadership and Motivational Keynotes

Delegate Profile (1200 nos)

Meet the Influencers, Entrepreneurs, and Enthusiasts who will all be there at INFOCOM 2016

  • Business strategists, IT and ITES professional: CIOs, CFOs, CTOs and key decision makers in any organization
  • Business executives: marketing professionals and those who influence the implementation of enterprise strategies
  • Senior central and state government officials
  • Analysts and consultants: marketing and financial analysts, strategy & technology analysts
  • Venture capitalists/fund managers/investment bankers
  • IT Consultants and Solution Specialists
  • Industry Influencers: IT trade and business media
  • Academia

The Delegate Profile (last edition)

Last year 1200 delegates attended INFOCOM. Here’s a quick look at them.


Day 1: December 1, 2016

09:00 hrs – 10:00 hrs Registration and Tea/Coffee
Pre-Inauguration - Plenary SessionVenue: Swissotel, Calcutta (BERN I, II & III)
P1 10:00 hrs – 10:30 hrs

Opening Theme Keynote: Transform|Disrupt |Transform

P210:30 hrs – 11:00 hrs

Leadership Keynote: Transforming Education through Disruptions

P3 11:00 hrs – 12:00 hrs

Theme Session: Disruptions driving Innovative Transformations

Inauguration of the ConferenceVenue: Swissotel, Calcutta (BERN I, II & III)
12:00 hrs – 12:05 hrs

Lamp lighting

12:05 hrs – 12:15 hrs

Welcome Address

12:15 hrs – 1230 hrs

Address by Guests of Honour

12:30 hrs – 13:00 hrs

Address by Chief Guest

13:00 hrs – 14:00 hrs

Networking Lunch - Hosted by Capgemini


Day 1: December 1, 2016

A1114:00 hrs – 15:00 hrs STPI Export Awards 2015-2016 - West Bengal
A1215:00 hrs – 16:15 hrs

Building a SMART Environment

16:15 hrs – 16:30 hrs:

Tea & Coffee

A1316:30 hrs – 17:00 hrs

Keynote Address: Driving Inclusive Growth in the Power Sector

A14 17:00 hrs - 18:30 hrs

Mobile and Social Revolution changing Marketing Strategies

A15 18:30 hrs – 19:30 hrs

Motivational Keynote: It is never too late to START

20:00 hrs onwards Inauguration Grand Dinner
B1114:00 hrs – 14:30 hrs

Opening Keynote: Positive Disruption – What’s next?

B12a14:30 hrs – 14:50 hrs

Keynote:  Digital India - Trends in IT Infrastructure

B12b14:50 hrs – 15:45 hrs

Panel Discussion: How best to consolidate and migrate Data Centres?

B12c15:45 hrs – 16:15 hrs

Keynote: Changing Role of CIOs in a Connected World

16:15 hrs – 16:30 hrs

Tea & Coffee

B1316:30 hrs – 17:30 hrs

Panel Discussion: IoT in a Connected World – Today and Tomorrow

B1417:30 hrs – 18:30 hrs

Panel Discussion: Digital Inclusion – What does it mean for Enterprises?

20:00 hrs onwards Inauguration Grand Dinner

Day 2: December 2, 2016

09:00 hrs - 10:00 hrs

Registration (only for delegates who have not registered on Day 1)

A21 & B21 10:00 hrs - 10:45 hrs

Leadership Keynote: Employees first, Customers second


10:45 hrs - 11:00 hrs

Tea & Coffee

A22 11:00 hrs – 12:00 hrs

Keynote: Healthcare in India – Inspiring possibilities, challenging journey

A23 12:00 hrs – 13:30 hrs

How are Banks gearing up to meet new competitive dynamics?

13:30 hrs - 14:30 hrs

Networking Lunch

A24 14:30 hrs – 15:30 hrs

Panel Discussion: Shaping India’s Digital Future

A25a 15:30 hrs – 17:15 hrs

Panel Discussion: Changing faces of Communication Media

17:15 hrs - 17:30 hrs

Tea & Coffee

A26 17:30 hrs – 18:30 hrs

Spotlight Session: Transformational Beliefs for Unconventional Dreams

B22a 11:00 hrs – 11:20 hrs

Scaling Your Business on the Cloud

B22b 11:20 hrs – 12:30 hrs

Panel Discussion: Business Analytics in the Era of Cloud and Big Data

B23 12:30 hrs – 13:30 hrs

Panel Discussion: To Disrupt or to be Disrupted?

13:30 hrs - 14:30 hrs

Networking Lunch

B24 14:30 hrs – 15:00 hrs

Security Keynote: Persistent spear phishing neutralizing security awareness benefits

B25 15:00 hrs – 16:30 hrs

Panel Discussion: Board Readiness for Cyber attack this afternoon

B26 16:30 hrs – 16:45 hrs

Security Made Simple

B27 16:45 hrs – 17:15 hrs

Keynote: Predators lurking in the dark web: Are you ready to counter evolving threats?

17:15 hrs - 17:30 hrs

Tea & Coffee


Day 3: December 3, 2016

09:00 hrs - 10:00 hrs

Registration over Tea & Coffee (only for delegates who have not registered on Day 1 & 2)

A31 10:00 hrs - 11:00 hrs

Keynote: Entrepreneurship in India

A32 11:00 hrs – 11:45 hrs

Jharkhand: The New Investment Destination

A33 11:45 hrs – 12:15 hrs

Keynote: Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets – The Digital Bangladesh Story

A34a 12:15 hrs – 12:45 hrs

Keynote: SME Exchange and what it means for Startups

A34b 12:45 hrs – 13:30 hrs

SME Sector: Challenges and Opportunities

13:30 hrs - 14:30 hrs

Networking Lunch

A35 14:30 hrs – 15:30 hrs

INFOCOM Future Leadership Award 2016

  • Presentation by the Finalists
  • Jury Interactions
A36 15:30 hrs – 16:30 hrs

SME Panel: Building a Startup Ecosystem

16:30 hrs - 16:45 hrs

Tea & Coffee

A37 16:45 hrs – 18:00 hrs

Spotlight Session: Self Transformation leading to Societal Transformation

A38 18:00 hrs – 19:00 hrs

INFOCOM Future Leadership Award 2016

  • Jury Perspectives
  • Felicitation of the Winners
A39 19:00 hrs – 19:30 hrs

Valedictory Session: Visions for a Digitally Enabled Bengal

1930 hrs – 1945 hrs

Vote of Thanks & Closing Address

20:00 hrs onwards

Cocktails and Gala Dinner - Hosted by JIS University

B31a 09:30 hrs – 10:15 hrs

Playbook Round Table: Before, During & After a Ransomware Attack

B31b 10:15 hrs – 11:00 hrs

Keynote: Enterprise Security Architecture

B32 11:00 hrs – 12:00 hrs

Panel Discussion: Cyber Economics: Getting the Board on board with cyber security

B33 12:00 hrs – 12:30 hrs

Keynote: Emerging Cyber Security Threats to the Global Financial Systems

B34 12:30 hrs – 13:30 hrs

Panel Discussion: Building Cyber Threat Intelligence

13:30 hrs - 14:30 hrs

Networking Lunch

B35 14:30 hrs – 15:30 hrs

Panel Discussion: Cyber Security : A Cross Industry View

B36 15:30 hrs – 16:30 hrs

WORKSHOP: Cyber War Game – Cyber Incident Simulation Exercise

16:30 hrs - 16:45 hrs

Tea & Coffee

B37 16:45 hrs – 17:15 hrs

Panel Discussion: Post Hack Mitigation

B38 17:15 hrs – 17:30 hrs

Workshop: Ethical Hacking Extreme

B39 17:30 hrs – 18:00 hrs

Gen-Y: Hacking Presentation by Cyber Club from Schools

19:30 hrs – 19:45 hrs

Vote of Thanks & Closing Address

20:00 hrs onwards

Cocktails and Gala Dinner - Hosted by JIS University


Star Speakers