SACON- India's Only Security Architecture Conference


Security Architecture


IoT Security

Top N Threats and Controls

SecDevOps + Threat Modelling

+ OpenSAMM, Architecture Review

Emerging Technology

RASP, Deception, Blockchains, SOAR and more..

Session Details

What Will You Learn At SACON - Pune ?
  • Threat Modeling in Context of Security Architecture
  • Enterprise Security Architecture Design
  • Overview of Google’s BeyondCorp Approach to Security
  • Overview of NIST CyberSecurity Framework
  • Cloud Security Architecture: Amazon’s Security by Design Approach
  • Developing a Cyber Security Products Stack
  • Live Wargaming : Building context specific security stacks
  • Scientific Approach to Building a Security Portfolio
  • Building your Application Security Program using OpenSAMM
  • Live Wargaming : Application Threat Modelling using Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool
  • SecDevOps Reference Architecture Stack: How to embed and automate security in DevOps
  • IoT Security Architecture Stack: From Threat Modeling to control implementation
  • Top Attacks & Trends in IOT Security from BlackHat & DefCon 2016 Startup Security Stack
  • Technology Architecture & Key Tools for SOC
  • Workshop: Building Content / Rules, Incident Maps & Response Playbooks for SOC


Bikash Barai

Multiple Patents, IIT Alumni,

Nilanjan De

Zero Day Discovery, IIT Alumni

Arnab Chattopadhayay

Former Security Architect

Ravi Mishra

Head Of CISO Advisory, IIT Alumni

and 10 More


Discount Periods Time Pricing
Early Bird Discount 1st April to 15th April INR 6,500
Regular Price 16th April to 24th April INR 10,000
Late Price 25th April onwards INR 15,000